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Print Bed

Neptune 600

(Kraken Inside !)

List of Materials


This is a project for those hard core enthousiasts that want to build a machine that's impressive to anyone who has any knowledge of 3D printing. Its a very large volume 500mm x 500mm x 500mm printer with a print head that prints with 4 diffrent filaments at the same time! It's built using v-slot aluminium extrusion for exceptional stability. The print head is cooled by a water circulation system. This is truely a small studio and factory.  

Key features:

  • Design is an XY Core type printer 

  • Large print area of 500mm x 500mm x 500mm

  • Heated print bed designed in 4 zones of 250mm x 250mm that are individually controled for smaller prints

  • Print bed does not move, only the print bridge and head move for X, Y, and Z-axis

  • Uses a combination of Leadscrews (X-axis and Y-axis) and a belt+ lead screws for the Z-axis

  • Vertical movement (Z-axis) is produced by 4 ACME lead screws, one in each corner

  • Extremely Stable frame made of aluminium (V-Slot and C-Build) without flex

  • Quad print head is built using the Kraken by E3D (available for sale in our web shop)

  • Electronics are built on the RepRap Duet 0.8.5 controlled and Duex 4 expansion board  (too many motors for RAMPS 1.4) 

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