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Raspberry Pi

Wireless Server for Repetier

Over the Internet


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Wireless 3D Printer Server ... over the internet
Here's a very cool upgrade for the Wireless Server that allows you to control your 3D printers for anywhere on the planet over the internet !
This should take you less than 10 mins.
The Coyote
  • Internet connection
  • Find the IP Adress for your Wireless 3D Print Server:
    • From the Raspberry Pi, if in the graphical desktop start a Terminal window
    • At the comand prompt, type the following command:     
                         sudo ifconfig   <Enter> 
  • Find the "wlan0" section and look for the "inet address" and write it down:          
  • Now you must find you internet (wide area network or WAN) IP address:
    • Open a webbrowser on any computer on your home network (local area network or LAN) 
    • Search "My IP"
    • A number such as will appear, write it down
    • This is the equivalent of your home network's phone number for people outside your home network
  • On you compute, start an application called "Airport Utility"
    • You can find this application under Applications/Utilities/Airport Utility, or
    • Using "Launch Pad" inside of an icon called Utilities
  • Click on "Edit"
  • Then select "Networking"
  • Click on the "+" in the Port Settings section
  • Add a description such as "Repetier Printer Server"
  • Complete the form as follows:
               Public UDP:                   3344                      ... (use the 4 digits after the : from your Wireless Print Server)
               Public TCP:                    3344                      ... (use the 4 digits after the : from your Wireless Print Server)
               Private IP Address:     ... (use your Wireless Print Server's full wlan0 IP address)            
               Private UDP:                 3344                      ... (use the 4 digits after the : from your Wireless Print Server)
               Private TCP:                  3344                      ... (use the 4 digits after the : from your Wireless Print Server)
  • Click on "Update"
  • Close Airport Utility 
To access your 3D Printers over the internet just type your LAN IP address in any web brower:
       <Enter>                ... (use your actual LAN IP address)
               Repetier Server will appear in your browser with your 3D printers .
Congratulation on the upgrade !
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The wireless printer server is an extremely inexpensive alternative to having a dedicated computer to operate your 3D printer if you have your 3D printer in another room or location.
It's reach is limited to your home's local area network (LAN). But with a few settings you'll be able to control and keep an eye on your 3D printer from any device that has an internet connection. Yes that means a phone, a tablet, a computer terminal without any software installation since the software is web based.
To do this we will use "Port Forwarding". This is a technique that automatically forwards a connection request to the Wireless Printer Server when someone enters the correct address abd port number.
Computer      at School
Internet Service Provider for that device
Internet Service Provider for home
Your Home Modem
Computer at work
Smart Phone when in the park
Your Home Router
Your Wireless Printer Server
3D Printer 1
3D Printer 2
Your Home Computer
accessable from internet using because any request calling 3344 from outside the LAN automatically gets connected to
(using port forwarding)
any request for port 3344 gets connected to
No LAN IP since they are plugged into a USB Printer Port on the Raspberry Pi, They are not plugged into network cables (looks like a big phone jack)
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