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Raspberry Pi

Wireless Server for Repetier

- Changing Printer Firmware with Wireless Server -

Wireless 3D Printer Server ... over the internet
Although we hope to never have to make changes to the 3D printer firmware​ sometimes you need to do it. There's an easy way to do this wirelessly once the Wireless Printer Server is up and running.
Making changes to the 3D Printer Firmware over Wireless Printer Server
  • Find the file called "Repetier.ino"
    • This should be found under ... Applications/Repetier Host/Repetier/Repetier.ino

  • Start the "Arduino" application by either clicking on Repetier.ino or by starting Arduino app and opening the Repetier.ino file
  • Select the "Configuation.H" tab
  • Make any changes that you require to the parameters
  • Select "Save As" from the menu bar at the top of the screen under "File"
  • Chose a new name so you can see which version you've updated
  • Select "Sketch" from the menu bar at the top of the screen, and then "Export as Compiled Binary"
    •  Save the file in the same folder as the Repetier.ino file to make it easier to find
    • This new file will have a ".HEX" extension
  • Now using a browser, connect to your wireless printer server by typing it's LAN IP address (e.g.
  • Chose the 3D Printer you're looking to modify, and click on the "Settings" button whos icon looks like three horizontal lines
  • Select "Firmware Upload"
  • Navigate to and select the new Firmware (i.e. .HEX) file
  •  It's a good idea to power down the 3D printer so it uses the new Firmware when it reboots
    • This means turn the power supply off and unplug the cable connecting the printer to the Raspberry Pi
    • Slowly count to 6, replug the wire and turn on the power supply
Anchor 3
The firmware is the instructions that tell the printer how to interpret commands and how to understand information it receives from sensors. This firmware gets saved in the Arduino Mega 2560 and remains in memory even when you turn the power off and reboot it. It's different than software in that way.
A good comparison is that firmware is like the part of the brain that connects a thought to moving an arm, that helps understand what a cold or hot sensation means etc. While software is a book that you read. 
While some these firmware settings can overridden from the Repetier Server printer settings, its much better and more reliable to change the firmware instead.
Congratulations on the firmware change !
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