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This is a well designed cartesian printer with a large 300mm x 300mm x 285mm print volume and with a little bit of geometry it can be scalled to make an even bigger print volume. Its a robust, solid, reliable printer build on v-slot aluminium extrusion (shaped aluminium bars). A more advanced and precise printer with lots of capacity for serious enthousiasts. 

Key features:


  • Design is based on the RepRap Mendel Prusa i3 

  • Large print area of 300mm x 300mm x 285mm

  • Heated print bed to help prints stick to bed while printing

  • Print bed moves for Y-axis while print bridge (print head) moves for X-axis and Z-axis (vertical)

  • Uses Leadscrews as opposed to belts

  • Stable frame made of aluminium (V-Slot) without flex

  • Triangle design for Z-Axis adds ridgidity to structure


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