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Wallace G1

List of Materials


You can either view the table that's open on this page below, or you can download the excel file with this data.

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A great project for first time Do-It-Yourselfers, students looking for a cool project for school, people looking to learn more about 3D printing by experimenting. It's very affordable to build, and you will get much more than you're money's worth in learning and a very cool tool in the end.

Key features:

  • Design based on RepRap Mendel Prusa i3 printer

  • Reflects the RepRap principle of self replicating printers by maximizing the number of printed parts

  • Good print area of 200mm x 200mm x 200mm

  • Heated print bed to help prints stick to print bed while printing

  • Print bed moves for Y-axis while the print bridge (print head) moves for X-axis and Z-axis (vertical) 

  • Uses a printed rack and pinion as opposed to belts or lead screws

  • Simplified design with a relatively low number of parts

  • Size can be increased with a few new parts 

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