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With one exception, this hot-end is identical to the J-Head Mk V-B.  Due to the standard thermistor being discontinued, the thermistor hole is drilled to fit the Semitec 104GT-2 (thermistor 5 in most firmware tables).  In addition, this hot-end ships with the Semitec thermistor.

Note that the current image displays the J-Head Mk V-B. The only difference is the hole size and location of the thermistor hole.

This is a genuine J-Head Mk V-BV, not a cheap Chinese counterfeit part. 3D Coyote guarantees this part and it's components. This hot-end is a combination of ideas from other nozzle designs combined with a goal to reduce the number of custom machined parts to a bare minimum. The J-Head Mk IV-B has been proven to print reliably with both ABS and PLA. (PLA will require a small fan to provide air-flow through the cooling vents milled in the sides of the nozzle holder.)

J-Head Mk V-BV

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