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30 amp relay board for oversized heatbed PCBs for 3D printers.

Relay Switch

SKU: E053
  • 30 amp relay board for oversized heatbed PCBs for 3D printers. Our heatbed PCBs run at a fairly consistent 100C+ temperature at 12VDC but if you require more precise temperature control or a lower operating temperature you will need to mount a thermistor to your heatbed and connect it to your temperature controller.  Unfortunately, most 3D printers will only run a 10 amp heatbed. When using an oversized heatbed you need an external power supply that is not usually controllable by your printer electronics. This relay board enables you to control your heatbed from your printer board by switching the 12VDC output on the external power supply to your heatbed using the heated bed control output from your printer.

    The relay board is prewired with a 4 pin Molex connector that fits the heated bed output on RAMPS and Rev D and earlier Printrboards. If you have a Rev F Printrboard or other application that uses screw terminal connections for the heated bed output simply remove the plug and stip the wire ends to connect.

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