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Dress up any build with these awesome slide-in slot covers!  They are the perfect finishing touch to any build.

Slot Cover™ / Panel Holder

  • Product Description

    Slot Cover / Panel Holder

    Dress up any build with these awesome slide-in slot covers!  They are the perfect finishing touch to any build.

    Flip them around to help keep 1/8" thick panels in the slot.

    These slot covers are an excellent source to use as a way to hide wire runs along the channel of the extrusion. (see attached pictures)

    Comes in 1000mm lengths.  Put them them end to end for longer lengths.


    Builder/Designer Brian J. Christy wrote:

    "Hi! I wanted to share my experience with your slot covers because it really did not click with me what an amazing cable management solution these are and feel you may want to stress this a little more to people because if I saw what I realized after getting them, I would have ordered a bunch more of them the first time. You guys make mention about running wires under them but that wasnt enough, at least for me. I can fit 12 24 awg wires in one channel still with a little breathing room. I can basically make all my projects wires exit one point with super ease. Running wires has never been easier. Exit points and anchoring wires - when you have a bundle of wires going this makes it so easy to make each wire exit at a certian point along the rail making wires clean and clear. No sticky mount things or zip ties covering the whole rails. Just throw a slit in the cover and feed your wire out. And if you really want to anchor it, throw a zip tie on the wire right at the exit point. Very helpful if you have to pull a wire out and not tuge all other wires in the process. Wire management is not always something that happens - especially when your just testing something. You dont always know where everything's going to to go so you leave extra and it makes a mess. With these thats really not an excuse anymore. Finally these can even add a little wire protection when it comes to sharpe channel edges.. Depending on which direction your wire is going, it may be coming out of a channel sitting on a sharpe cut metel edge. For a little extra I cut a small piece that is flipped upside down over hangs the channel a little. Now we have a plastic edge helping me sleep at night :). Thats my two cents. I love your store and look forward to the new items you create that consumes all my free time!"

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