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Roton’s rolled thread Torqspline® Lead Screws and high performance Quiknuts® provide the fastest linear travel available in a power screw. Torqsplines® use up to 30 starts to increase the thread lead, thereby increasing the linear movement output for each revolution of rotary input. Leads of up to 6 inches of travel per revolution are available from stock.

The highly burnished surface finish of the screw and low friction plastic Quiknuts® provide smooth actuation for today’s demanding stepper motor and servo motor drives. Conventional milled or cut multiple start screws will have much higher starting and run torques. Torqspline® Lead Screws provide improved wear and surface properties to insure users a longer service life and quieter operation requiring less power in a wide variety of applications.

Torqspline Leads Screw - 7/16"

SKU: L012
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